We are deeply grateful for this opportunity to share our selves and our artistic vision with you. We humbly thank you.

We are LUNA negra. Edgar and Karla.

Artists with a nocturnal aesthetic, living in the desert. Designers of apparel and home decor that celebrates the beauty and mystery of the dark, the strange, and the unusual. Future organizers of intimate music events focusing on darkwave but also including other genres of dark/goth music from all over the world. More importantly than any of this, we are two souls united as one; bound by spirit and magik, by ritual manifestation. We first met 25 years ago and now guide two young boys with creative interests, towards maturity.

We introduce you to our boutique line of new and original dark aesthetic fashion designs, one off up-cycled designs, art t-shirts, and one-of-a-kind home decor, hand made by the two of us with an occasional guest artists collaboration. We will also offer hand selected vintage apparel and antique oddities. Ready to be shipped world wide.

The sales of these designs will be used to help with the expenses of organizing these music events which will be held in Palm Springs and possibly other cities in the surrounding Coachella Valley where there have never been events such as these. We hope to create an artistic and all inclusive space that will bring together like minded connoisseurs du’ noir, both near and far. We hope to bring you international and local artists. We hope to bring you DJ’s, solo artists, and bands with the most delectably dark music compositions exploring the many genres of goth music such as darkwave, post-punk, dark post-punk, gothic rock, trad-goth, death rock, E.B.M, industrial, post-industrial, minimal synth, newwave, dark synth, coldwave, rock gótico español, minimal wave, synthwave, coldsynth, chologoth, synthpop, darkpop and more.

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Estamos profundamente agradecidos por esta oportunidad de compartir con ustedes un poco de nuestro ser y nuestra vision artística. 

Somos LUNA negra. Edgar y Karla.

Artistas en el desierto con estética nocturna. Diseñadores de moda que celebra la belleza y el misterio de la obscuridad, lo extraño, e inusual. Futuros organizadores de eventos enfocados en la música darkwave, sin faltar los varios otros estilos de música gótica... principalmente en nuestro idioma Español, el cual le ha faltado representación dentro de la escena. Antes que todo, somos pareja del espíritu y alma que nos conocimos por primera vez hace 25 años, ahora guiando hacia la madurez a dos hijos con interéses creativos. 

Queremos compartir con ustedes nuestra linea boutique de diseños nuevos y originales de moda gótica y colección de decoración para su hogar, hechas a mano por nosotros mismos con algunas colaboraciones con artistas invitados. Todo tendrá una estética nocturna y estará listo para envío mundial. 

Las ventas de la mercancía se usaran para crear una comunidad por medio de eventos en Palm Springs, California. Tendremos DJ’s, artistas solistas, grupos internacionales, y varios grupos locales guiándonos hacia las profundidades mas obscuras de la música gótica como el #darkwave #postpunk #darkpostpunk #gothicrock #tradgoth #80sgoth #deathrock #ebm #industrial #postindustrial #minimalsynth #newwave #darksynth #coldwave #rockgóticoespañol #minimalwave #synthwave #coldsynth #chologoth #synthpop #darkpop

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